We create events for
fascinated by the modern
dance culture

The creative group Udance has been working since 2011. The whole team is either from the dance community of Ukraine or even effective dancers and choreographers.
Our goal is to develop the quality and diversity of modern dance culture, and we do this through the creation of our own brands of large modern dance festivals, events for niche communities, launching new talent projects and educational programs.
What exactly are we doing?
Competition for groups and
solo dancers
We hold more than 10 dance competitions a year. Attendance at such events ranges from 1,000 to 4,000 participants, not including spectators. Competitions range from freestyle battles to systematic international events, such as the World of Dance Ukraine
Calendar of events
Master classes for practicing dancers and beginners
Practically every event organized by Udance contains an educational component - master classes. Continuous training is an integral part of modern dance culture.
Educational events for teachers and business owners
Since 2018, we annually hold educational conferences for teachers and heads of dance studios, such as Udance Academy, online format, Forum of creative and cultural industries (in partnership with VAKKI)
Festival events and shows
We create several key projects for an audience passionate about modern dance:
Feel the Beat – the most visited festival event of modern dance and rhythm in Ukraine. More than 10,000 participants in 2 days.
Udance Show – show of the best teams of the country.
International partnership with WOD

Udance – the official licensed representative on the territory of Ukraine of the international series World of Dance. Every year we hold a national championship World of Dance Ukraine with the final in Los Angeles (California, USA)
Media content
Dance is a bright and emotional spectacle! The media content we create at our events is the exclusive work of photographers, cameramen, directors of online broadcasts and video clips. YouTube and Instagram

Consulting for industry participants
We help other players in the modern dance industry to grow. In the Commonwealth of EVENZY.io we have automated many processes in the organization of competitions.
Using our own extensive experience in organizing events, we advise and share knowledge.
Udance Team
Oleksandr Skyba
Udance CEO
Strategic planning.
Communication with authorities.
Marketing. Business development, business tactics.
Костянтин Трофімов
CTO, Creative director
Business development, business strategies. Systematization and optimization of business processes, creation of technical solutions for the event of internal needs of Udance.

Creation of visual concepts and designs for the event of internal needs of Udance. Management of WEB development and web resources.

Oksana Bedzay
SMM project manager
Anna Matushkina
Guest event manager
Co-founder Atmospher.Dance
Костянтин Коваль
Creative consultant
Co-founder Atmospher.Dance
Sandra Sambo
Andriy Stelmashenko
aka Drone
Founder Drone-Shmote
Nastya Golovash
aka Rusalka
Alina Toderenchuk
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